We have both done a lot of public speaking at legal technology events like ABA TECHSHOW. Over the years, we have gained insights about using new platforms and how to avoid technology-related obstacles. But there’s still more to learn! In this episode, we discuss recent presentation lessons, practical tips for novice and veteran presenters alike, and some thoughts about better ways to give presentations.

Link to the episode: Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals

Segment 1:  Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals

Segment 2:  Heartbleed: What Should Lawyers Do?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  April 20, 2014
Length:  38:26
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In a world of automatic updates and remote storage, are attorneys still controlling their practices? Are we forgetting valuable information as our machines take over? In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of trading control for increased productivity.

Link to Episode: Automation or Control: Why Attorneys Must Choose

Segment 1:  Automation or Control?

Segment 2:  LegalTech and the Importance of Attending Technology Conferences

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

Released: January 31, 2014
Length: 31:47
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Is your legal practice less efficient because of out-of-date technology? In today’s world of accelerating change, it can be difficult to keep up with client expectations. In this episode, we discuss New Year’s tech resolutions. The topics include using instant messaging, implementing social media, updating operating systems, and much more. Tune in to find new ways to future-proof your practice or firm.

Link to Episode: New Year’s Tech Resolutions for Practicing Attorneys

Segment 1:  New Year’s Tech Resolutions for Practicing Attorneys

Segment 2:  Our Report on CES

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

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As business gets more global, is legal technology also getting more global? Or should it be? In this episode, we discuss whether global considerations are becoming part of legal technology decisions, where global considerations might come into play, and how we might benefit from opening up our perspectives on legal technology.

Link to the episode: The Globalization of Legal Technology

Segment 1: The Globalization of Legal Technology

Segment 2:  Comparing Notes on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  November 10, 2013
Length:  37:26
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What if your smartphone or tablet could serve as your personal assistant? Considering the capabilities of Siri and Google Now, like making a restaurant reservation, scheduling a meeting, sending an email, it’s an option to consider. In this episode, we discuss the digital versions of personal assistants, their current capabilities and what the future might hold for the Apple and Google tools, and whether a digital-virtual-personal assistant is the next big thing.

Link to the episode: Let Me Check With My Digital-Virtual-Personal Assistant

Segment 1: Let Me Check With My Digital-Virtual-Personal Assistant

Segment 2:  The End of Blackberry?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  August 18, 2013
Length:  39:18
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For many years, lawyers have chased after the holy grail of the paperless office. While the basic techniques and strategies have largely stayed the same and the technology and tools have gotten better, most lawyers and firms have not attained the elusive goal of a “paperless” office. Is the goal simply unachievable or is it just too hard to execute on what it takes to achieve the goal? In this episode, we discuss the history and current state of paperless office efforts, approaches that might (or might not) work for you, and whether the end of paper is within sight.

Link to the episode: Demythologizing the Mythical Paperless Office

Segment 1: Demythologizing the Mythical Paperless Office

Segment 2:  The Iron Tech Competition

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  August 4, 2013
Length:  37:34
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Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at Kia Motors America, has gotten a lot of attention recently with a basic technology competency audit he administers to outside law firms and the failing grades lawyers at those firms have received. There has always been an ongoing conversation of what basic technology skills lawyers need. The ABA’s Ethics 20/20 recommendation that a basic knowledge of common software techniques be a part of the definition of “competence,” has also shined the spotlight on this issue. In this episode, we discuss Flaherty’s technology audit approach, the responses it has prompted, and how this may or may not change the ways lawyers deal with technology skills.

Link to Episode: Passing the Tech Skills Competency Audit

Segment 1:  Passing the Tech Skills Competency Audit

Segment 2:  What’s the Big Deal about Smartwatches?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

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In this episode we talk a lot about encryption. The recent news coverage of the NSA surveillance has everyone talking about who can access their data, and this is especially relevant to practicing attorneys,  who have to consider both their own data as well as that of their clients. Has the time arrived for lawyers to start using encryption more responsibly?

Link to Episode: In Light of NSA Surveillance, Should Lawyers Encrypt?

Segment 1:  In Light of NSA Surveillance, Should Lawyers Encrypt?

Segment 2:  Tom Moves to Android

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

  • In Microsoft Office, Auto-Recover does not always mean Auto-Recover – make sure you’re saving your documents regularly, because sometimes Auto-Recover does not save archives.
  • Jobs to Be Done
Recorded: June 22, 2013
Length: 39:40
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While smartphone and tablet apps get most of the attention today, browser apps, plugins and extensions can be quite useful and personalize your web experience. In this episode, we discuss how browser apps might help you customize and improve your web experience, some pros and cons, and some recommended apps.

Segment 1: Taking Advantage of Apps and Plugins

Segment 2:  #meta

  • Dennis and Tom discuss how hashtags are now being used as a form of quick commentary

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  April 26, 2013
Length:  33:04
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Our one hundredth show! In this episode, we adopt the ESPN Pardon the Interruption format to talk about legal technology issues of the day and celebrate episode #100.

Link to the episode: Pardon Our One Hundredth Interruption

Segment 1: Toss-Up
  • iPads vs. Androids
  • Apps vs. Traditional Software
  • Cloud vs. Local Storage
  • LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Lawyers
  • Word vs. WordPerfect – Just Kidding!

Segment 2:  What’s the Word?

  • In the battle between human document review and predictive coding, humans are _______ (Tom: Adapting; Dennis: Toast)
  • Blogging for lawyers and law firms is now _______ (Tom: passe; Dennis: niche-y)
  • David Pogue’s TECHSHOW keynote left me _______ (Tom: time-warped; Dennis: nostalgic)
  • The average lawyer’s passwords are still ______ (Tom: Post-It-Noted; Dennis: Child’s-Play-To-Break)
  • Lawyers facing technology choices have never been more _____ (Tom: Lucky; Dennis: Overwhelmed)

Segment 3:  Oddsmakers

Odds that:

  • A lawyer of a law firm is the subject of an embarrassing security breach?
  • Lawyers will sit out Windows 8 and wait until Windows 9?
  • Lawyers’ next computers will be Macs?
  • Google will kill of another service that you really use?
  • Lawyers will begin to use social media acronyms and emoticons on a regular basis.

Segment 4:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  March 30, 2013
Length:  41:56
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