While preparing for a trial, gathering documents for a transaction, or simply running errands, most lawyers face each day with an overwhelming number of things to get done. From simply remembering them all to putting the list into proper priorities, every legal professional could use some help. How can technology play a role in bringing the list of to-dos under control? What are some questions lawyers should ask when choosing a to-do task management tool? In this episode, we discuss taming the to-do list, our own approaches to using technology to help with task management, and questions every lawyer should ask when looking for a management tool to suit their needs.

Segment 1: Task Managers

Segment 2:  Is it Time to Change Our Passwords Again?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  August 10, 2014
Length:  41:30
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Lawyers often focus on how they can use technology to improve the efficiency and quality of their legal services. However, technology has additionally started to change what people in other professions provide to their clients, even to the point of changing the meaning of “services.” Professionals are now creating products that provide revenue in the form of royalties, thereby exceeding what can be made in billable hours. These include books written about new forms of technology, tax guides, answers to common questions, convenient apps, and even software. Is this a “Big Idea” that lawyers should also be considering as they think about the ways they might use technology? In this episode we discuss how lawyers might begin “productizing” services, some ideas about how to create successful products, and the legal and ethical implications of providing this information.

Segment 1: Turning Legal Services into Products

Segment 2:  Want to be a Book Author?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  July 27, 2014
Length:  36:51
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According to a variety of surveys, the sales of tablets not exceed th esales of laptops and desktop PCs. In a few short years, iPads have made huge inroads into the legal market and are often part of a lawyer’s technology toolkit. Tom’s popular book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, recently appeared in its third edition. In this episode, we discuss our latest insight’s on the iPad, recommendations for lawyers and other legal professionals, and what might come next in the world of iPads.

Segment 1:  The Role iPads Play for Lawyers Today

  • iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition – ABAiBook and Amazon

Segment 2:  When Do You Implement Tips?

  • The article that got us thinking about this as “21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do” – there are so many bad sites that link to this article, we won’t punish you by doing the same.

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  July 14, 2014
Length:  36:23
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We have both done a lot of public speaking at legal technology events like ABA TECHSHOW. Over the years, we have gained insights about using new platforms and how to avoid technology-related obstacles. But there’s still more to learn! In this episode, we discuss recent presentation lessons, practical tips for novice and veteran presenters alike, and some thoughts about better ways to give presentations.

Link to the episode: Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals

Segment 1:  Presentation Tips for Legal Professionals

Segment 2:  Heartbleed: What Should Lawyers Do?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  April 20, 2014
Length:  38:26
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In a world of automatic updates and remote storage, are attorneys still controlling their practices? Are we forgetting valuable information as our machines take over? In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of trading control for increased productivity.

Link to Episode: Automation or Control: Why Attorneys Must Choose

Segment 1:  Automation or Control?

Segment 2:  LegalTech and the Importance of Attending Technology Conferences

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

Released: January 31, 2014
Length: 31:47
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Is your legal practice less efficient because of out-of-date technology? In today’s world of accelerating change, it can be difficult to keep up with client expectations. In this episode, we discuss New Year’s tech resolutions. The topics include using instant messaging, implementing social media, updating operating systems, and much more. Tune in to find new ways to future-proof your practice or firm.

Link to Episode: New Year’s Tech Resolutions for Practicing Attorneys

Segment 1:  New Year’s Tech Resolutions for Practicing Attorneys

Segment 2:  Our Report on CES

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

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Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at Kia Motors America, has gotten a lot of attention recently with a basic technology competency audit he administers to outside law firms and the failing grades lawyers at those firms have received. There has always been an ongoing conversation of what basic technology skills lawyers need. The ABA’s Ethics 20/20 recommendation that a basic knowledge of common software techniques be a part of the definition of “competence,” has also shined the spotlight on this issue. In this episode, we discuss Flaherty’s technology audit approach, the responses it has prompted, and how this may or may not change the ways lawyers deal with technology skills.

Link to Episode: Passing the Tech Skills Competency Audit

Segment 1:  Passing the Tech Skills Competency Audit

Segment 2:  What’s the Big Deal about Smartwatches?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

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In this episode we talk a lot about encryption. The recent news coverage of the NSA surveillance has everyone talking about who can access their data, and this is especially relevant to practicing attorneys,  who have to consider both their own data as well as that of their clients. Has the time arrived for lawyers to start using encryption more responsibly?

Link to Episode: In Light of NSA Surveillance, Should Lawyers Encrypt?

Segment 1:  In Light of NSA Surveillance, Should Lawyers Encrypt?

Segment 2:  Tom Moves to Android

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

  • In Microsoft Office, Auto-Recover does not always mean Auto-Recover – make sure you’re saving your documents regularly, because sometimes Auto-Recover does not save archives.
  • Jobs to Be Done
Recorded: June 22, 2013
Length: 39:40
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While the iPad offers lawyers in any practice area the potential for productivity improvements, app developers have really concentrated on making the iPad most useful for litigators.  Today, there are apps for all parts of a legal matter, from case intake all the way to jury verdict.  In this edition, Dennis and Tom discuss Tom’s upcoming book iPad in One Hour for Litigators and why it makes sense for lawyers to take a look at using an iPad in the courtroom.  They also mourn the impending loss of Google Reader, and what it means for using RSS as a legal research tool.

Download from Legal Talk Network

Download from the Legal Technology Resource Center

Segment 1:  The iPad for Litigators







Segment 2:  The Impending Death of Google Reader. Google announced its plans to retire the popular Google Reader.  Dennis and Tom pause briefly to mourn its passing, and discuss what it means for RSS users.

Segment 3:  Parting Shots. 

Recorded:  March 16, 2013
Length: 37:03
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Lawyers are known as notorious late adopters of technology. Is that a fair characterization? Of course it is. What makes lawyers so cautious about new technologies? Will lawyers always be late adopters? In this episode, we discuss some recent experiences that have reinforced the idea that lawyers are late adopters, the reasons people do and do not adopt new technologies, and practical ways for lawyers to think about moving to new technologies.

Link to the episode:  Will Lawyers Always Be Late Adopters?

Segment 1:  Will Lawyers Always Be Late Adopters?

Segment 2:  A Question from a Listener.

  • Question: I know that Dennis is in St. Louis and Tom is in Dallas, but it sounds like you’re in the same room. How do you do that, and do you have any tips for podcasters?

Segment 3:  Parting Shots

Recorded:  October 19, 2012
Length: 33:45
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